No words!

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Since I clearly can’t regularly blog, I will no longer apologize…it is just a way of life.  But every once in a while I will surprise you with a few gems.  Like right now!

Quick update of my life.

  1. I defended and passed my comps, so I am officially graduating from Clemson on May 13th. Which happens to be the same weekend as my 25th birthday, I CAN’T WAIT!
  2. I will be moving somewhere this summer, i don’t know where, or when, or what I will be doing, but it will be an adventure…i will keep you up to date on that.
  3. I am about to go to Philly for a week to search for a job, should be a great time, even though I am absolutely terrified.
  4. I got to go home for the holiday break for 3 lovely weeks.
  5. I have a beautiful niece that was born in October, whom I adore. Her name is Faith Elizabeth and she has my heart!
  6. I have a fantastic RA staff that makes me love my job more everyday.

I think that might be it for right now…feel caught up yet?  There really has not been too much to write about, I am just living life and waiting to see what is next.

Here are some pics of things I have done in the past couple of months.

Walking on the Battery


I love her

Went on a winery tour...What a great weekend!

Went to a great concert with some even BETTER people at home!!

Spent as much time as possible with this little girl whenever I was home!

Gave cheap insurance to a mail-woman and Tay Swift

Went to visit SJ with boy Corey in Mississippi

Had a lot of fun and attended a life changing conference in Chicago

Spent Christmas with my wonderful family!

Rang in the new year with Faryle little apple style!


Went to visit boy Corey in Cleveland right after turning in my comps! Best celebration EVER!


Went to Myrtle Beach to support friend running a marathon. I am a great cheer leader!


Went back in time for a 20's party to celebrate my cohort passing our defense!

I think that is pretty good!



Next post coming up soon about my job search!





July 8, 2010 - One Response

Wow…i have not posted in SO LONG!

My mom likes to point it out regularly too! So here you go, mom!! ❤

So, where to start…

My masters program is one year over, one more to go! YIPEE!!! and OH NO!!!!! all at the same time.  I can’t believe it is half way done! One year from now who knows where I will be?! I sure don’t!!  I am so excited for that next step, and so bewildered that this past year went by so quickly I feel like I am going to blink and my experience here is going to be over! IT IS JUST CRAZY!!!!

I am going to be an AUNT! YIPEE!!!  My brother, Casey, is going to be daddy! And the best father ever! I just know it.  He is having a little girl, Faith Elizabeth! How cute it that name?!  Needless to say I have already spent lots of money on a child that isn’t even born yet! OH well.  She is going to be the most stylish infant ever!

I have seen some of my closest friends get married. Love must be in the air…it needs to blow my direction!

The academic year ended great.  Classes went well, and my building closed without a hitch! So that is great

I turned 24! and I had a great time with a group of wonderful girls in Charleston to celebrate!  This also means that I now have only like 10.5 months to finish my 25 before 25 list! EEK! I need to get on that! You can expect that update “soon” (clearly my soon can’t be trusted).

I have been to Boston, KC (twice), Charleston (twice) and Asheville since I last posted, all of which are great places!

I have started going auburn again.  I can’t decide if I like my hair dark brown or red, it has been my struggle for years.

What else…  That might just be it for right now, but I will really try to update again!!!

lots of love!

A little retail therapy

February 9, 2010 - 2 Responses

As you all know I am in Clemson, SC.  And I love it…but lets not sugar coat things here…things get rough from time to time.  I get overwhelmed with work and classes and my residents and sometimes I just don’t know how to handle it.

That is when I go shopping

Not a lot, and not every time (because that would leave me broke) but from time to time, I just need to get something new that would make me feel good about life.

Last week was one of those weeks.  So by Thursday I was dying to go shopping and I had a reason, which validated my spending in my head!

I bought



THESE!!!! Kind of…obviously not the real kind because they cost more than my education, but something very similar!

I also bought some new undergments that were pink and navy (naturally to match the above) and  COLORING BOOK!!!!

Don’t judge!

After telling Elena about my purchases for the day she said, “yep, you in a nut shell”

Have you been touched today?

January 24, 2010 - 2 Responses

So yesterday I had a staff retreat/training/day out of the office.  It was just a time to spend some quality time with my department and coworkers and friends and it as actually a really good time.

We discussed how to not email rule out lives, which was very helpful

We went over Verna’s top ten list of being a professional

We discussed how to have “difficult conversations”

We did an activity about who we would take to the moon – very interesting conversations and I found out my coworkers would leave children…tsk tsk tsk.

But the last thing we did was one of the best things I have done with my department.  We all sat in a circle with our backs towards in the inside and closed our eyes.  In groups of three we would stand up and get into the center of the group and the facilitator would say “Reach out and touch someone who has made a difference in your life” or “Touch someone who makes you laugh” or “Touch someone who you can be yourself around” or “Touch someone you love”.

Now before I go any further let me explain something about myself.  I need touches.  I read a study once that said the average human needs 7 significant touches a day to stay mentally/physically healthy. I think significance can be different from person to person, but I need the hug or the hand on shoulder or hand holding and it something that I don’t get here that much. I had a moment last semester when I just broke down at a friends because I wasn’t getting any hugs.  I know it sounds odd, but that is just something I need.

Now back to the activity.  So we are sitting around a circle and people are walking around and placing their hands my shoulder and before I know it I am crying…not because I am sad or anything but because it was wonderful thing.  Not only was I getting those touches but I knew exactly what the meaning behind them were.  I have had a hard time feeling lonely here, it just hasn’t been an easy 6 months, but this activity validated what I am doing here.  I am making a difference and am a comfort to these people and I had no idea!  I have felt so invisible but I am not! It was just a relief!

So I just want to challenge you, have you been letting the people in your life that have made in influence know it?  Are you creating the relationships with your peers that are significant?

Reach out and touch someone this week…believe you will both feel better.

K, so I REALLY suck!

January 19, 2010 - One Response

I guess by soon I meant in two months. Whatev.

But I am back (at least I am going to try REALLY HARD). It is a part of my new years resolution.

So there really is NO way to catch you up on my life since November so I am just going to try to hit the high lights.

  • I successfully finished my first semester of grad school (can you believe I am already a quarter of the way done with my time in SC?)
  • I went to Mississippi (a state I had sworn off) to visit Sara and had a GRAND time
  • Went on 2 dates…no comment
  • Went to Manhattan to visit friends ( I felt whole for the first time since July)
  • Spent 2 glorious weeks at home over the holiday with friends and family
  • Got snowed in at my grand parents house and had a blast
  • GOT AN ITOUCH!!!!!
  • Had the best Christmas of all time both at Clemson before I left and in Tulsa with my family
  • Rang in 2010 with some wonderful high school friends
  • Got 3 tickets at once. OOPS!(thank God my works at a law firm!)
  • Bought Tyrone (that my car) some new shoes (that tires)!
  • Bought myself new shoes (that real shoes) 3 Pairs! One of which, is the most beautiful pair of Nine West nude peep toes pumps you have EVER seen
  • Started working on RENT
  • Started my second semester of grad school
  • Registered for my first big girl conference and became a member of my first professional association

I think that might wrap up the big stuff (and some of the not so big stuff)

Things to look forward to in 2010

  • update of 25 before 25 (I don’t think I am going to make them all…i have just under 16 months left)
  • more blog post in general
  • more photography…i have my eye’s on a new swanky (but not $$ camera)
  • more traveling (Wisconsin in Feb, Boston in March, KC in April, KC in May and some where else)

How does that sound to you all?

So I suck!

November 16, 2009 - 2 Responses

Sorry you all life has been BEYOND crazy and I have not been able to update, but I promise I will really soon.  You can expect lots of posts because class work has calmed down for a bit, and life in general is calmer.

I need to share about my trip to Boston, my night with Corrie in Atlanta, Faryle’s visit, and other happenings in my life.

It will all happen this week…I PROMISE!!! _wsb_82x79_handprint_logo.jpg

Boson state of mind

October 13, 2009 - One Response

As you all know I went to Boston for a long weekend, and had a night trip in Atlanta.  I have tons of stories and some great pics that I want to share, but unfortunately my life is currently being owned by my autobiography I have to complete and some catch up at work.  I will update ASAP, but here are some visual treats from my weekend!

E and I on the Duck!!!

E and I on the Duck!!!

Aliens come from Kansas

Aliens come from Kansas

I wish I could remember whose grave this was...someone important, but I thought the penny's were cool

I wish I could remember whose grave this was...someone important, but I thought the penny's were cool

The most political parade i have ever seen. He had something to do with health care

The most political parade i have ever seen. He had something to do with health care


More to come soon. Probably this weekend



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The South really seem to enjoy it when it turns to Fall.  Every town has its own “Fall Fest” and I am not complaining at all! I LOVE THEM!!!  I went to 3 yesterday!

I started the day with the Plant Fest…which was a HUGE plant sale on my campus.  But unfortunetly it was all for big plants, not little ones that I could have in my apartment…which is probably a good thing because I would have killed it anyway.

Then we went to the Greek Fest in Anderson, which is a town not far from Clemson.  It was so cool!!!!! Authentic dancing, music, food, apperall, it was GREAT! I had my very first gyroe and Greek Fries….NOM NOM NOM! It was great.  The lamb was spiced just perfectly!

Next we moved to the Pendleton Fall Fest where we watched little kids do egg races and other fun games.  I also this beast

He was 42 pounds!

He was 42 pounds!

I also got “conned” into buying candy to help save the children…i don’t know which ones, but they said it would help them and it was peanut butter so I couldn’t say no!

As we were leaving I was so proud of myself for not buying anything too frivolous and then I saw this

and fell in love!

and fell in love!

I got a ridiculous high from buying it! Like I am still smiling every time I see it and it was purchased yesterday…that is how you know you have made a good purchase, when you still think about it!

The day ended with a bottle and half of a good red wine, Sex in the City, some football, some life chats, and some scrambled eggs…all in all, a pretty good day!


October 1, 2009 - One Response

1851382_206326_17683920f4_pfound here

Left me speechless…

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…which we all know doesn’t happen much.

So last night was I was hanging out with some friends and we were watching Sex in the City (Season 4 which is my Favorite).  This is the first time for both of the girls I watching it with.

The episode we were watching was when Carrie was dating the ADD Jazz musician who gave her the most intense orgasm of her life.

My Friend: Ohhh…that makes my vagina hurt

Me:……..(visualize my confused face)

MF: Not like PAIN,pain, but it aches with loneliness


MF: What?! It hasn’t been touched by anyone in such a long time!